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Kristal Piksel Video Games Awards

Founded in 2012, Kristal Piksel has a supportive role in gaming community of Turkey. When people have an award in their hands, the success they’ve performed becomes tangible. We, the ‘’Brand Workers’’ had a chance to serve this amazing structure via the services listed below:

- Kristal Piksel Video Games Awards ceremony organization 2017
- Jury and competitor management
- Website 2017
- Social Media 2017

Kristal Piksel Video Game Awards has different categories such as ‘’Game of the Year’’, ‘’Game Design’’, ‘’The Best Console Game’’ and so on. Also these winners not only win the awards but also they get an opportunity to reserve their free of charge booth at Gaming İstanbul Indie Area.

Kristal Piksel could improve itself affiliating TOGED (Turkey Game Developers Foundation), founded in 2014. This unity become the most powerful partnership for gaming industry in Turkey and its effect grows rapidly.

So far, No70: Eye of Basir by Oldmoustache, Conarium by Zeotrope Interactive, Newton Gravity Puzzle by Binary Games were some of the winners in multiple categories.